25 August 2012


Facebook is one of the great social networking site in which you can share stories with your friends , photo , vidio, and your whereabouts . whereas there are some facebook user who will share information freely with everyone in their network,there are some other people who would like to keep some details to themselves ,including their "list of friend" By default ,the "friend list" box is visible on your profile .with the help of facebook's enhanced privacy setting you can customize its  visibility according to your needs .

instruction :-

in order to hide your friend's list just follow these step  :-

1. first of all sign in to your facebook account

2. on the top -right of yourpage ,click the "account" tab select the third option "privacy setting"

3. click "view setting" which is under the "connecting on facebook" label. here you will find different setting in which you can configure how friends can find and connect  with you

4. scroll down and look for the option "see your friend list" on the drop -down list on the right ,click
    "custom" .then the "custom privacy" box is displayed

5. click the drop-down list next to "these people" label. select the last option "only me". this settin

will hide your list of friends from everyone 

6. click "save setting " for change to take place and show effect on your account 

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