30 December 2012

200 how to make pendrive as ram

Now a days many programs take lots memory during operation, which is a nightmare for low RAM systems. So to avoid this make your pen drive/USB of large size as RAM, which will make your system faster. To know how to do this,

follow below steps :-

 1.   Insert your pen-drive. Let your PC read it.
        (Minimum 2 GB)

 2.   Right click on My Computer. Click on Properties
       from context menu.

 3.  Click on Advanced tab.

 4.  Click on Settings under Performance.

 5.  Click on Advanced tab.

 6.  Click on Change button under Virtual memory.

 7.  Select your USB drive.

 8 . Click on custom size radio button and give the values as follows; Initial Size:1020 Maximum size:1020
      The size depends upon your free memory capacity of your pen drive. So you can change this limit
      according to your pen drive size.

 9.  Click on Set button, then click on OK.

 10. Now you have to restart the computer. The speed of your computer will be increased.

thanks and enjoy with this tips !

15 September 2012

51 How To Add Rainbow Color Effect For Your Links In Hover For Blogger / Blogspot

Hi friends! Rainbow color effect will give random colors to your link on hover. This widget works based on simple JavaScript. Once it's applied, all links on the page exhibit a rainbow effect onmouseover.


18 Add Navigation Bar (Menu bar HTML, Navigation Menu) For Blogspot

This option is not provided by blogger "Pages" Gadget. If you want to put different URLs to your menu you can either add link list gadget and place it at the place where the menus should be or you can edit the HTML and add the "Menus" gadget. But the two methods give you totally different results. Because the selected items will not be highlighted in "link list" gadget. But "Menus" gadget will highlight. So my personal opinion is to add "Menu" gadget rather than inserting the "Link List". Anyway selection is up to you.

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